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Best Folding Ironing Board In India 2020

Best Folding Ironing Board in India 2022

We all love our clothes to be well ironed and have good creases on it. And Therefore you may need a best folding ironing board on which you can iron your everyday clothes very easily and seamlessly. And if you are looking for the best folding ironing board in India then you are at the right place.

When we think to iron our clothes we all feel the need of having an iron table on which we could press our shirts, pants, sarees and all the other types of clothes. But we always end up ironing our clothes on the ground which results in bad quality ironing on our clothes due to the lack of a better surface base for ironing. So in order to solve this problem a very handy tool an iron board comes in place. A good quality iron board gives you all the features of ironing your clothes very efficiently.

So, if you are wondering about how to buy an iron board ? or where to buy iron boards ? or which iron board to buy then you have come to the right place. Because in this article we will help you to buy the best iron board for your home by considering the major elements of selecting the quality iron board such as the sizes of it, material quality, cushioning of the frame into the body, folding and hanging capabilities.

In this article we will show you our handpicked list of the best folding ironing board in India, their comparisons, reviews and the ultimate guide to an iron board. So, let's get started !

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List of Top 8 Best Folding Ironing Board in India in 2022

1. Bathla X-Pres Ace folding ironing board

Best folding ironing board in India

  • It has aluminium ironing surface
  • A smooth wire manager
  • Heat resistant high quality iron holder
  • Multifunction tray to put clothes
  • Good quality Anti-Skid PVC shoes
  • It has stepless height adjustment feature
  • Steel body to assure durability
  • 2 year warranty
  • Dimensions - 143 cm x 42 cm x 10 CM, 8 kg

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While talking about the best folding ironing board in India the Bathla ironing board comes into the first place because of the features it has. Bathla X-pres ace has all the great features that a premium product could have.

So, Talking about the build quality this has the premium quality sturdy steel and the product is well polished and firm and the look and design of this is really beautiful which makes your guests inquire about the product and appreciate it.

In addition, this iron board is very light weight and the stepless height adjustment makes it very smooth to adjust height. And above all it has a very good quality iron holder with an add on tray which is a great idea. The adjustable wire manager and the PVC shoes at the end makes it immovable while ironing your clothes.

This iron board has the aluminium coated cover which heats up during ironing and saves the electricity. And in addition the mechanism of adjusting height is such that with simply upthrust the table moves up & pressing the lever drops it down. Overall the Bathla X-pres ace is undoubtedly the best folding ironing board for home.

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2. PAffy Foldable Ironing Board

Best folding ironing board in india

  • Its is made of High Quality Steel
  • It has metal Iron Rest with Silicon Bush
  • Metal Top with Expanded Mesh
  • Fully cotton cover
  • Adjustable to 6 different heights
  • Safety lock to prevent iron board accidentally collapsing
  • Dimension:- 135 cm x 35 cm x 7 CM, Product Weight:- 4.1 Kilograms

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Paffy is a well known brand and known for making high quality and beautiful products for home and therefore this ironing board has the 6 different levels of height adjustments, Its padding and cover are made of extra thick cotton and the 350 gsm felt layer reduces ironing time and keeps clothes from sticking. 

Moreover this has the metal mesh top that allows steam of the iron to pass through and heats up to save electricity. You can always fold down the board and put it wherever you want, also it has the good quality iron holder that can hold steam irons also and the safety lock to prevent this to accidentally collapsing.

The build quality of this product is quite good and plus the anti-skid shoes prevents sketching on the floor. so this is a good buy.

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3. Peng Essentials Folding Ironing Board

Best folding ironing board in india

  • Especially shaped for both left and right handers
  • Fully cotton covers
  • Good quality iron holder for steam iron
  • Heat reflective aluminium metal mesh board
  • Anti-skid shoes
  • Adjustable height
  • Dimensions - (L) 127 x (W) 38 x (H) 5 cms, 4.47 Kg

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Peng essentials ironing board is another one of the best folding ironing board you can buy because It has all the required features to boost up your ironing. In addition It has the aluminium coated metal mesh board which heats up and saves electricity. Moreover this is a lightweight ironing table which you can easily move and store by folding it down. You can also adjust height for your convenience.

The cover and metal is of very nice quality and also have enough space to manage iron wire. Also this has a good quality iron holder to put your steam generator iron and this comes at a very affordable price of under 1300 rs. 

The only minus point is that the board could be a little bit longer otherwise it is a good quality folding ironing board from peng essentials.

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4. Aysis International Quality Ironing Board

Best folding ironing board in india

  • Extra wide and ergonomic design
  • Handy transport lock keeps the table folded when stored
  • Good quality iron holder for steam generator iron
  • Premium cotton spread with thick Polyester surface
  • Wooden board and durable iron body
  • Anti-skid shoes 
  • 3 year warranty
  • Dimensions - 133 cm (L) x 46 cm (B)x 95 cm (H), 5.12 Kg

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For the 3rd place we have the AYSIS Ironing Board with some great features that helps you have a better experience while ironing. This ironing board is Quite sturdy, lightweight and a good build, Easy to handle and also It's very simple to change the height of the board. you can easily fold this down flat for easy storage.

In addition The ironing board is ergonomically designed and provides great utility value. Also, its height can be adjusted to 3 different levels as the need may be. It has strong legs with rubber feet cap to make it sturdier while working. Also this has the Premium cotton cover with thick Polyester padding and the price of this ironing board is also very great compared to the other products having these same features.

The only thing that can be enhanced is that the thickness of the foam and the covers could have been easily washable otherwise this is a good ironing board.

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5. Benesta Classic T-Leg Wood Ironing Board

Best folding ironing board in India

  • Strong steel body
  • Shockproof wooden board
  • Iron holder
  • Adjustable height in 2 steps
  • Anti-skid shoes
  • Dimensions - 123 x 40 x 9 cm; 6 Kilograms

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The Benesta ironing board is another lightweight ironing board which comes with all the necessary features. Firstly Is that this is a firm and sturdy very great quality product form Benesta. Moreover It has 2 steps height adjustments according to everyone’s needs. It also has a iron holder and Anti-skid shoes at the end of the legs to stay firm on the surface

In addition this has the Strong steel body and good quality wooden board. Plus the legs are firm and the cloth print is also very nice.

The wooden board we get in this is very nice quality and the padding is also very firm. 

The only thing it legs in is the size if the size was large then it would be a great element. But still this is quite nice folding ironing board in India.

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6. TruGood Folding Ironing Board 

Best folding ironing board in India

  • Cheapest you can buy
  • Hot steam iron holder
  • Firm body with rubber shoes
  • Adjustable height
  • Shockproof wooden board
  • Easily foldable
  • Dimensions - 128 x 48 x 8 cm; 6.6 Kilograms

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If you want a cheap ironing board then the TruGood Ironing board is the best ironing board you can have at this price range. Because It is the best under the price range of 1000 rs. And in addition you can buy this at a cheaper price. Check price here.

Moreover It has a good quality body with rubber shoes for firm standing. It also has an iron stand with the feature of adjustable height makes it great for this price range. The size of the board is also pretty wide and the board is also made of good quality wood that makes it a cheap but good folding ironing board in india.

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7. Athena Creations Ironing board with ladder

Best folding ironing board in India

  • Multipurpose iron board with Ladder
  • High quality steel with 4 layer powder coating
  • Anti-skid silicon rubber shoes
  • Heat resistant board
  • 100% cotton cover
  • Has a good quality iron stand
  • Dimensions - 123.19 cm x 34.29 cm x 7.62 cm, 6.3 Kg 

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The Athena Crations iron board is 2 in 1 best folding ironing board in India because you can also use it as a ladder. So you get two products at the price of one. While talking about the features and quality of the product it has the cotton cover and heat resistant board which is very useful for saving electricity because the board heats up with the help of iron’s steam.

It also has the anti-skid shoes so that it sticks with the surface. The product is very lightweight and folded down to store anywhere in home. Moreover It comes with a good quality iron holder which can hold steam generating iron as well. And in addition the build quality of this quality folding ironing board is very nice.

The only minus point this ironing table has is that its height can not be adjustable although this has the perfect height for an adult.

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8. Flipzon Wooden Folding ironing Board

Best folding ironing board in India

  • Good quality cotton cover with thick polyester padding
  • 3 Different levels of height adjustment
  • Good quality iron holder
  • Wooden ironing board
  • Durable iron body
  • Anti-skid shoes
  • Dimensions - 122 cm (L) x 46 cm (B)x 77 cm (H), 5.5 Kg

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This ironing board from flipzon is fully made in India and a very good folding ironing board in India you can buy. It has a firm and sturdy iron body with a wooden ironing board with cotton cover. The board has the thick polyester padding so that it reflects heat and saves electricity and time. 

This ironing table also comes with 3 different levels of height adjustment and anti-skid shoes at the end of the legs to ensure that the iron board doesn't move while ironing. Also this has a decent iron holder so that you can put the iron on that.

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Everything about Ironing Board

So, Now you know which is best folding ironing table you should buy but have know all about the ironing board because a ironing table not only provides you a surface for ironing but it is more than that and there are several factors you should look before buying an good quality ironing board.

Types of an ironing board

  1. Wall mounted ironing board

Wall mounted ironing boards are built into the wall of your house. These iron boards can be very useful to manage space in your house because you can also fold this type of ironing board into the wall and unfold it when in need.

The main advantage of this board is that they are mostly suitable for the modern day flats. They are also very user friendly and everyone can use this. The durability of these types of boards are good.

  1. Tabletop ironing board

Tabletop ironing boards are very similar to the regular portable ironing board. But The only difference it has is the shorter legs that's why they are called tabletop boards. They are also portable and you can sit and iron your clothes.

The main advantage of these types of boards is you don't have to stand to iron your clothes. In other words if you have to iron many clothes and have to stand for about half an hour then they can help. But you can not use these for a large number of clothes. Because they are not very comfortable to press on special parts of the clothes.

  1. Portable ironing board

The portable ironing boards are very common and used very often. Because they are very comfortable, long lasting and sturdy. Most importantly they are portable so that you can use them anywhere in your house or you can take them away. 

In addition they are the most popular ironing boards around the globe and you can get many features with them like iron holders, folding capabilities, height adjustments, wire managers, heat reflective boards and such.

Ironing board accessories 

  1. Iron board hanger

A hanger can help you to hang your ironing board behind your door or on a wall so that it can save space on your home.

  1. Iron board covers

Covers are the main part of an ironing board. Most of the ironing board comes with a good quality cover and also an extra cover but many of them won't have an extra cover. In that case you have to buy an extra cover for your board.

Buying Guide : Which ironing board to buy ?

  1. Ironing Board Size

Ironing tables come in various sizes but The common sizes are Medium, Large and Extra Large. It is very crucial to choose an iron board which is convenient in size to use for even large sizes of clothes like sarees.

Moreover the standard size of ironing board is 122 cm long and 46 cm wide. Whether a large size ironing board could have around 143 cm of length so if you are going to press any large dress like sarees or trousers you can go for a larger one.

Height of the ironing board is also an important factor while buying. Many of them come with the adjustable height feature so that you can adjust it according to your need. You must go for an iron board which has the ability to adjust height.

  1. Build Quality

An ironing board has to be built with the best quality material for long lasting durability. The best material for an ironing board is steel. You should look for a steel body so that it stays firm and doesn't break.

Other than that most iron boards come with metal bodies also. Metal is also a very good quality material. So you should buy an ironing board with a metal or steel body for sturdiness and durability.

  1. Board material and padding

Board material is the main thing you should look for. Iron boards come with various types of boards like wooden and metal boards.

The wooden boards make the ironing board lightweight and the Metal boards are heat resistant which heats up during ironing and saves electricity.You should always choose the metal one because of its benefits like heat reflection.

The other thing to consider is the padding and coating of the board. The best board should have synthetic coating and cotton covers so that the clothes doesn't stick to the board.

You can buy padding materials and extra ironing board covers and put them on board.

  1. Portability

Portability is another feature you should look for. The perfect ironing board should be lightweight and foldable so that it can be stored anywhere in the house.

Always look for a lightweight easy to lift ironing board

Always buy a folding ironing board so that you can fold it down and put it wherever you want.

  1. Add on Features

Some extra features are provided in a good quality ironing board. Which are mentioned below and you can consider them before buying.

Iron holder - An iron holder is a must have feature in an ironing board because it provides you the ease of holding the iron beside the ironing board. Without an iron holder you will have to put your iron on the board which will result in shorter space for ironing on the board.

Wire Manager - Many ironing boards come with a wire manager for the press which can be used while using the iron.

Add on tray - This is a very useful add on because it can be used to put your ironed clothes under the board. It adds a utility feature to the ironing table.

Clothes Hanger - A cloth hanger is attached to the board so that you can hang your clothes on it.

Frequently asked questions about ironing board

Where to buy ironing board ?

You can buy ironing board online or from your near by store. You have the wide variety and many options available online. 

Where to store ironing board ?

You can store it anywhere in your house only if you have a folding iron board. If you don't have a folding ironing board then you have to fix a place to put it. So, it is good to have a folding ironing board.

Why use an ironing board ?

As we have mentioned earlier the advantages of having an ironing board is many. An iron board provides you a perfect surface and other features for ironing. You can have perfect creases on your clothes with an iron board but without an iron table this could be a difficult task.

Why use an ironing board cover ?

An iron board cover protects the iron board from the heat of the iron and also it protects the padding of the board from the outside dusts. The cover is the main necessary part of the iron board.

Can ironing board covers be washed ?

Yes. Iron board cover can be washed. If the product says to be washable then you can wash it if not then remove it wet a sponge with warm water. And you can also wash it into the washing machine if it is made of fully fabric or felt.

How often should you change the ironing board cover ?

You should change the cover after 5-7 years of use but if your iron board cover is crumbling or tearing then you should replace it immediately.


So, we have discussed all the major factors about buying a best folding ironing board in India. In this article we have talked about every aspect and features of it though detailed review and comparison and considering the all major requirements the clear winner is Bathla X-pres Ace because this ironing board has the all premium features and in addition some extra features also. This iron board gives a premium feel to your home. So, in our review you can definitely go for the Bathla folding Ironing Board.

But we also want to mention that you can always choose by yourself and buy any product you like because at the end you are spending your money and it's every penny worth it, so spent it wisely. Furthermore if you have any queries regarding this post feel free to contact us at

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