Best Tower Fan for Kitchen in India 2021 - Full Review and Guide

You always find your mom or your wife sweating while cooking your favorite food in the kitchen and always saying like "there should be a fan for me while i am cooking
but what you should do ? 
so, here is the solution, A tower fan. Yeah a tower fan for kitchen is a blessing and there is a best tower fan for kitchen you can use while cooking in the kitchen.

Best Tower Fan for Kitchen in India 2020

Best Tower Fan for Kitchen in India 2020   Best Tower Fan for Kitchen in India 2020

  • It has the Personalized soft airflow.
  • This comes with adjustable louver for desired air flow
  • Its desired air flow allows you to enjoy fresh air without disturbing the gas flames while cooking.
  • This fan does not provide air throw like regular table or desk fan.
  • Sleek and compact design for comfortable use on kitchen platform
  • You can mount this on the wall or put it horizontally or vertically
  • Extremely Lightweight with just 600 g of weight.
  • The body of this tower fan is very easy to clean in just one wipe.
  • This tower fan comes with removable filters for a hassle-free upkeep at home.
  • This comes with the Blade-free design which ensures safety for children
  • It has the speed of 2600 RPM and Air delivery of 700 cubic meter/hour
  • It only uses 38 watts of power which makes it energy efficient
  • This comes with the 2 year Manufacturer Warranty
  • It has the dimension of 21.6 x 17.6 x 55 cm

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Best Fan For Kitchen While Cooking in India 2021 Buy now on Amazon

As you know the climate and environment in the most of the places of India is really hot and humid and specially when you are cooking there would sweat all over your head because of the heating environment of the Indian kitchen.

But you cant have a ceiling fan in the kitchen because its air flow will not let your gas stove work properly. So what will do to overcome that heat in the kitchen ? Here is a heck ! A small size tower fan will be very useful for you in the kitchen to save you from the heat and help you for sweat free cooking.

So, if you are looking for the fresh air fan for kitchen, Small fan for kitchen, or Portable fan for kitchen then the Crompton Air-Buddy Kitchen Tower Fan full fill your every need. and in this article we have reviewed the best tower fan for kitchen while cooking in India 2021.

Crompton Air Buddy Kitchen Fan Review

Crompton is a brand well known to everyone when it comes to the products for consumer need. And it is well established brand in consumer electronics and appliances. and this time crompton has come with a great innovation in the fan and cooling industry with its Air Buddy tower fan. Which is very well optimized and suitable for Indian kitchen. This tower fan is blessing for the Indian mom and housewives. to enjoy the fresh air while cooking in the kitchen.


The crompton air buddy kitchen fan is really portable and you can put it anywhere in your kitchen. You can put it on the corner of the platform of your kitchen or you can mount it on the wall of your kitchen. This tower fan is very light weight and compact so that you can easily lift it and place it wherever you want which make it the best tower fan for kitchen.


This tower fan for kitchen is designed to give the personalized air flow that means you can control the air flow of it. The personalized air flow allows you to control the air so that only you can have the fresh air and not the gas stove.

The main advantage of this tower fan for kitchen is it has the focused air flow unlike the regular ceiling fans which spread the air all around the area. so, this focused air flow will not disturb the flame of your gas stove so that you can cook hassle free and sweat free in the kitchen, this make this fan the best tower fan for kitchen while cooking.

The swing and speed control features allows you to control the swing of the blades and speed of the fan according to your need and these also make it the best tower fan for kitchen.  


While talking about the design this tower fan for kitchen is really compact. The dimension of this kitchen fan is only 55 cm in height and 21.6 x 17.6 cm in width. furthermore the weight of this kitchen fan is just 660 grams which makes it really portable. The tower shaped sleek design makes it ideal and best tower fan for kitchen because it is perfectly suitable for the confined spaces like kitchen.  


We already talked about the standalone features like personalized air flow, compact design and air and speed control but this tower fan for kitchen also has some more features like flexibility and easy maintenance. You can put this tower fan horizontally or vertically on the platform of your kitchen or you can also mount it on the wall which make it flexible. In addition it has the removable filters so that you can easily remove them and clean the entire fan hassle free. and features like this makes it the best tower fan for kitchen. 


You may seen some other tower fans or air cooler makes loud noises while on and this is the problem with the tower fans. Honestly speaking this fan also produce noise but not much that loud you can easily compromise it because of the features and value it providing. I don't think there is other tower fans are available for the kitchen which are as compact, feature full and lightweight as this tower fan is.


So, price is the main factor and while talking about the price of the crompton air buddy kitchen fan it is very affordable. it comes under 2000/- only in India (you can check the latest price here) which is not much expensive comparing to other tower fans available in the market. So you can definitely go for this best tower fan for kitchen.


This tower fan from crompton has the manufacturer warranty of 2 years which means if you find any defect and dis functionality during 2 year after purchase you can go to the crompton store or call them to repair your product for free.

Pros :-

  • 1. Easily Adjustable
  • 2. Removable filters
  • 3. Personalized Air Flow
  • 4. Adjustable Speed
  • 5. Compact and Lightweight
  • 6. Blade less Design
  • 7. Stand and Mount

 Cons :-

  • A little bit noisy
  • Effective for a single person
  • AIr Flow may feel low to some persons

Conclusion :-

Now you know all the features, pros and cons of the crompton tower fan for kitchen and we have provided you the comprehensive review of the best tower fan for kitchen. And we can say that you can easily o for this tower fan for kitchen because it is specially designed for the Indian kitchen because this will never disturb your gas flame and help you in the hassle free and sweat free cooking. But also remember that this small tower for kitchen is may not be a great choice if you are looking for a tower fan for your living room or large spaces this portable tower fan for kitchen is designed of the kitchen and will be suitable for a single person only.

   Best Tower Fan for Kitchen in India 2020

What is a Tower Fan for Kitchen

Many of you may not be familiar with the term Tower Fan because it is a New innovation in cooling and fan industry. A tower fan is an alternative to your regular ceiling fan, Air cooler and Air conditioner. It is shaped in a vertical tower and gives very cool air like your air cooler, and it also saves the space and electricity in your home.

A tower fan is no less then a blessing for your kitchen because you can easily put it on the platform of your kitchen vertically or horizontally and it will deliver the cool air without disturbing the gas flame.

So, compared to the regular ceiling fan and air cooler it is very high utility product. A tower fan can deliver the air in very focused way unlike regular fans which deliver air in a broad way and the advantage of a tower fan is that you can control the direction of the air flow.

Tower fan has a special unit from where the air comes in and impeller blades in front of it that pulls air out and spread it all around without making any noise.

And if you compare the size, electricity usage, cooling and price with the regular fans and air coolers you will find it very different and comparatively more portable, easy to use and cheaper. and in addition the mechanism of air flow is also very unique in the tower fans.

Tower Fan advantages

  • A tower fan has many advantages comparing to the other normal fans or air coolers. The first is portability because the tower fans are shaped in tower shaped design which make them easily portable and sleek.
  • The other benefit is the electricity they uses is very less compared to the normal fans and air coolers.
  • Maintenance of the tower fans are really easy you can simply remove the filters and clean it.
  • Tower fans are comparatively affordable and comes in very less price around 2 to 3 thousand in India.
  • They looks very sleek and innovative in the house which adds value to the house because of the shape they comes in. Tower fans looks very stylish.
  • The main advantage of the tower fans are the space they take. they are really compact and unlike other ceiling fans or air cooler which takes a large amount of space in your house a tower fan takes a little bit of space, you can put it into a corner and sit back,relax and enjoy the fresh air.

Tower fan vs Normal Fan

You always wonder about what is the difference between a tower fan and a normal fan. so, the main differences in tower fans and normal fans are space, efficiency, and air flow.
While normal ceiling fans take a large amount of space in your home a tower fan only takes a small amount of space.

The other is the efficiency because normal fans consume very much electricity and they are not really energy efficient while on the other hand tower fans consume less electricity and produce much more power. The cromton air buddy kitchen fan only uses 38 watts of power which makes it the best tower fan for kitchen.

The other main difference is the air flow and it is very important when you use a tower fan in kitchen while cooking. Because when you cook you have to turn off the normal fan because it will interrupt the gas flame but tower fans are totally different because they are not mounted on the ceiling you can put it on the kitchen platform or mount it on the all like air conditioners and it will never disturb your gas flame. 

The air flow which tower fan produces is really focused air flow and you can also control it but in the normal fans you can't control the air flow you can only control the speed of the fan.