5 Best Wet and Dry Dustbin for Home in India 2022 - Reviews

Best Wet and Dry Twin Dustbin for Home Reviews

Best Wet and Dry Dustbin for Home

A Dustbin is a must have utility in every home and it is essential because it is necessary to manage the waste created at our home. And where will you put that waste ? The answer is in a dustbin and for every type of waste like dry waste and wet waste you will need a best wet and dry dustbin for your home.

so that you can throw your waste papers or cardboard and cans of cold drinks or half eaten burger into the separate dustbins.

But you will want to have a twin dustbin for your home because you don't want a separate place for wet and dry dustbin alone.

And to solve this problem of yours we at Review Arena brought you the best wet and dry dustbin for your home that are twin dustbins which means that you don't have to find separate places for the wet and the dry ones.

And the main advantage of this twin dustbin is the garbage aggregation your garbage collector will be happy to see the separate dustbins for wet and the dry wastes. and this will be the great contribution by segregating the garbage. You can remove both the green and blue dustbins from outside body.

Although it is very difficult to find the best quality dustbin online because you don't have the power to test the quality of the plastic on your own.

So for this we have researched and reviewed the best wet and dry dustbins for you and tried to help you while buying a dustbin online in india.

Many of you search online for a big dustbin for your home or best dustbin for home or something like plastic dustbin or dry and wet dustbin for home and office etc.

So, now you have to search no more.

How we choose !

So, choosing the best dustbin for your home online is a quite difficult task to do and a little bit confusing also, but we have tried our best to pick the top dustbins meeting all the quality measures. We have researched and reviewed all the available good quality wet and dry dustbins for home.

And at last we have prepared a great list of 5 best wet and dry twin dustbins for your home that you can also use at your office or in the kitchen as well.

In addition we have reviewed most of the products on our own like what kind of plastics has been used and what features they have and furthermore we have researched about all the reviews and pros and cons of the products to help you select your best dustbin for home. So, let's get started.

1. Nayasa 2 in 1 Wet and Dry Twin Dustbin (Big and Small)

Nayasa 2 in 1 Wet and Dry Twin Dustbin for home

Features and Specs

  • Made of 100% food grade and BPA free plastic
  • Twin compartments - Green and Blue
  • Its has a smooth pedal
  • Both dry and wet dustbins have handles
  • SIze - 16.5 + 16.5 Litres (Big) and 9.5+9.5 Litres (Small)
  • Dimensions - 32 x 30 x 40 cm (Big) and 30 x 28 x 39 cm (Small)
  • Weight - 3 Kgs (Big) and 1.58 Kgs (small)
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This twin dustbin from Nayasa is one of the best wet and dry dustbin for home because this twin dustbin is made out of 100% Food grade and BPA free plastic which is very safe to use. Furthermore it has the twin compartments which means you can put dry waste in the blue one and wet waste in the green one.

It also has the smooth paddle so that you can open up the dustbin with your feet. Both compartments are fitted together in an  outer body and can be pulled off to clean up the dustbin.Both the dustbins has the handle to lift and also it is very light weight with just 3 kgs of total weight. 

So, if you are buying this for a big family then the bigger one is good you can easily store garbage for about 2 days and in addition this dustbins comes in two sizes so you have the option to choose the bets size according to your need. 

Although the size could be smaller or bigger then you expect and it is difficult to determine the sizes online so we have mentioned the dimensions and capacity you can measure yourself before buying.

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2. Regalo Twin wet and dry Dustbin with Dustpan (3 sizes)

Regalo Twin wet and dry Dustbin for home

Features and Specs

  • Comes with a dustpan
  • Removable Dustbins
  • Both compartments has handles
  • Good quality peddle
  • 3 different sizes
  • Good quality plastic which is BPA free
  • Size - 9 + 9 Litres (Small) 12.5 + 12.5 Litres (Medium) 15 + 15 Litres (Large)
  • Dimensions - 32 + 30 + 40 cm and 32 + 30 + 50 cm

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This dustbin from Regalo is another very high quality and feature full wet and dry twin dustbin because it has the removable blue and green compartments with handles and plus a peddle at the bottom to open the lid and made of with high quality plastic materiel.

The additional thing is this comes with a dustpan also which means you don't have to buy it separately and furthermore it comes in 3 different sizes so can choose between them according to you and your family needs. although prices will be different for each size.

The other thing is the build quality and design of this dustbin is very sturdy and elegant, we have read several reviews of this product and found this is one of the best choice for you.

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3. Nilkamal Twin Color Wet and Dry Dustbin

Nilkamal Twin Wet and Dry Dustbin for home
Features and Specs

  • Made of BPA free food grade plastic
  • Has a paddle
  • Blue and Green colors are bright
  • Nice finishing
  • Both compartments has handles
  • Size - 10 + 10 Ltrs each
  • Dimensions - 20 x 20 x 20 Centimeters
  • Weight - 2.44 Kgs

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This wet and dry dustbin from Nilkamal is also another good value for money twin dustbin for home and the brand Nilkamal is also well known for you all.

The main attraction of this dustbin is its finishing and the bright green and blue colors. In addition this also comes with paddle and both the compartments of wet and dry dustbins has handle to lift. You can remove both buckets from outer body to though the garbage.

The size of the dustbin is little bit small compare to the other ones but it is sufficient for you if you are buying this for 2 - 3 member family. furthermore this is a sturdy product and you can go for it for this price range. .

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4. Cello wet and dry Dustbin for home

Cello wet and dry dustbin for home

Features and Specs

  • Material is high quality BPA free plastic
  • Good quality pedal
  • Both compartments has dual handles
  • Removable dustbins
  • Elegant design with prints
  • Size - 17.5 + 17.5 Litres each
  • Dimensions - 40 + 31 + 50.5 cm
  • Weight - 2.95 Kgs
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As you all know Cello is the great brand when you talk about the high quality plastic products and this twin wet and dry dustbin from Cello is also a great quality product.

This dustbin has all the main features like pedal at the bottom to lift the lid and handles for both of the compartments to lift the dustbins.

The main attraction this twin dustbin from cello has is it is very sturdy quality product and has a premium looking feel plus the size is also quiet sufficient for 4 - 5 member family. The only one thing that is considerable is the price, price of this dustbin may be a little higher but if you are a cello fan and want a sturdy product you can definitely go for this.

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 5. Regalo Twin bin dustbin Oval shaped (Small size)

Regalo Oval shaped Twin wet and dry dustbin for home

Features and Specs
  • Special oval shaped design
  • High quality plastic
  • Pedal to open the lid
  • Both compartments has handles
  • Size - 8 + 8 Litres
  • Dimensions - 18 + 20 + 18 cm
  • Weight - 1 Kgs

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This is the another good quality twin dustbin from Regalo and it has the peddle, handles and removable compartments to throw the garbage. In addition this dustbin has a very unique design that is oval shaped body. that looks really nice and adds a good look to your home or kitchen or office.

While talking about the size it is very small in size and capacity so if you has a large amount of waste produced every day then it will be fall short. But you can go for the other choices and larger ones if you have a large family.

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Things to look before buying a dustbin online in India

Well we have discussed about everything about dustbin for home but what thing you should look in a dustbin before buying it ? so, here is the buying guide for buying dustbin for home online in India.

1. Material 

Material is the most important thing you should look for before buying a dustbin. most of the dustbins are made of plastic material so, you should buy a dustbin which is made of 100% BPA free food grade plastic because it is the most safe plastic.

2. Size and Capacity 

Size you should choose depends on the size of your family because the dustbins comes in various sizes and if you are buying it for yourself or a 2 member family then a small dustbin of 10 litres would be good and if you are buying it for a large family go for a big dustbin for your home like 15 to 20 litres in size.

While the dimensions also matters and always look for what dimension the dustbin has and how much place it will take in your home or kitchen.

3. Main features

Some features are important like the dustbin should have a peddle to open the lid and the compartments of the dustbin has handles to lift them up and throw the garbage. and in the twin dustbins, it should has the removable compartments so you can easily separate them from the outside body and throw both dry and wet wastes separately.

4. Build quality

Dustbins are used often heavily and roughly in our houses so it is necessary to go for a sturdy product and always read about the customer reviews of the dustbin before buying. At review arena we have made this simple for you and provided you the list of best wet and dry dustbin for your home.

Wet and dry twin dustbin uses and benefits 

Using a dustbin for your home, office or kitchen makes that place even more rich and enhance the appearance of the place furthermore a dustbin reduces the trash and unwanted things in your house and make it clean place for you live in addition you get the environmental and multiple health benefits when you use a dustbin at your home.

And there are several advantages of using a dual dustbin for home, the first is you don't have to have the separate dustbins for dry and wet wastes it can store both the compartments in an outer body which you can remove always.

The main advantage and benefit of wet and dry dustbin is the garbage segregation. And it is very important to segregate the dry and wet garbage and with the help of a twin dustbin you can do it very easily.

and we can assure you that your garbage collector will the happiest person when he sees that you are having separate dustbins for both dry and wet wastes because it will be far more easy to segregate the trash and we will also have the environmental benefit by this. 

Some frequently asked questions about dustbins

What is the difference between dry and wet waste ?

By dry waste it means things that are dry in nature like papers, bottles, cardboard's, or strong materialistic things and by wet waste it means organic wastes and eating things like cold drinks, kitchen wastes, fruits and vegetables etc.

Which bin is used for wet and dry wastes ?

We should use separate dustbins for wet and dry wastes this means garbage segregation. The green color dustbin should be used for wet wastes and the blue color dustbin should be used for the dry wastes.

What is BPA free plastic and is it safe ?

BPA means bisphenol A and it is used to make plastics. It is often found in poly carbonate plastics. BPA free means the plastic which is used to make that particular thing is not contain any BPA chemical and it is considered to be safe.

What is garbage segregation means ?

Garbage Segregation generally means to separate the different kind of wastes into different type of dustbin like throwing wet waste into wet dustbin or green color dustbin and dry waste into dry dustbin or blue color dustbin.


Now we have know everything about wet and dry dustbins or twin dustbins and we have provided you the comprehensive list of best wet and dry dustbin for home. and because it is very difficult to buy these kind of products online in India we are pretty sure that our review and guide will help you.

All the products we have features are of great quality and you can easily go for one of them considering which size you want. Though it is very difficult to choose the one but you can buy the Nayasa or Regalo twin dustbin for home. They both are reputed brands and has quality products. But we would always say that decide on your own because the money is yours spend it wisely. And if you want to ask any question regarding this article feel free to contact us at reviearena.in@gmail.com

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